PureMp3 is a open-source MP3 tag editor I developed 2009–2010 in C# with a nice user interface, batch capabilities and fully supported undo. It solved at least my use-cases which were…

  • Find fine and badly tagged albums on local/network disks
  • Batch rename files and folders according to pattern
  • Batch FreeDB+Discogs+MusicBrainz tag download
  • Batch cover download
  • Batch copy fine tagged albums from local/network disks into library
  • Database library with full text search
  • Edit single tags

on gigabytes of MP3s with mainly no user interaction and fully supported undo. Maybe it also solves your use-case.


Screenshot pure mp3


  • PureMp3 requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 and is based on Click-Once Deployment. Once installed, it checks on each start if a new version is available on the server and offers installation.
  • Minimum hardware requirements: 1,6 GHz CPU single core, 500 MByte RAM, 10 MByte HD, Windows XP
  • Recommended hardware: 1,6 GHz CPU with two cores or more, 1GB RAM, Windows 7

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